Gypsy Lane                50 x 70 cm             Oil

I graduated five years ago with a first class honours degree  in Fine Art  from UCW Weston College (which is linked to Bath Spa University) .


I am constantly fascinated by the magical effect of light on the landscape, flickering through branches or changing the colours of hills from gold to black in an instant.


The British Landscape is beautiful and fragile.  I try to convey this in my paintings.


The landscape is also full of hidden stories, past dramas and secret liaisons.  Sometimes it has a brooding stillness, bordering on the eerie - other times it is open and sunny, bathed in birdsong.


I attempt to recreate these sensations in my work.


My project at college was to bring Family History into the landscape.  I researched the background of various ancestors and placed them in a landscape or scene which is appropriate to them, with a contemporary style to the painting.


Recent work includes walks in the countryside during Lockdown, particularly in and around the Mendip Hills. Also a series of paintings in and around Clevedon, including the cold water swimmers.